Light Against Legion

Blizzard Entertainment is running an official art contest through the 30th- Shadows of Argus.

The goal for my work going forward is to keep heavy focus on detailed line work while learning to create strong color palettes that work together without getting dull or muddy.

Here is the completed piece:

Light against Legion- Social Media

Light Against Legion 

Turalyon and Alleria face off in their own ways against several of the Legions lesser demons, and the much more familiar Eredar. Alleria keeps her distance atop the newly reforged Vindicaar- but Turalyon prefers to face his foes in close combat on the battlefield. 
There are far too many foes to face alone! Luckily there are many seasoned champions to aid in the last battle for Argus. 

If you’re an artist and would like to contribute to this contest, you have until September 30th to submit your entry. The full details are in this forum post.