Inktober Days 1-3

@Frenone’s twitter Inktober list, tagged #mythicalinktober

It’s been a great week so far! I, along with some great friends, have been taking part in Inktober.

If you haven’t heard of Inktober, it is a yearly event for the entire duration in October, when artists of all skill levels get together and attempt to draw every day of the month. There is an “official” Inktober list, but there are hundreds of customized lists. I found the one above, #mythicalinktober by @Frenone, and knew it would be the one to inspire me for the month.

If you enjoy drawing, please don’t hesitate to join in! Just draw your heart out and throw it up online with the hashtag #inktober. Several sites are  observing it, but I mainly use Twitter.

Days 1-3:


Day 1: “Moon Rabbit”

Probably the first time I’d drawn seriously with pen in over a year. I used a standard bic pen and really wished I had something better to ink with. Overall a fun experience and it was fun to dive in.


Day 2: Dryad

Getting a little more comfortable with drawing on paper. I’m usually full digital. I brought home a ball-point pen and inked a little more freely. I think this was definitely my favorite so far!


Day 3: Phoenix

Today’s prompt was Valkyrie- but as you may see at the bottom of the prompt sheet, there are several replacement words you can use if not inspired by those given. I’ve seen a ton of gorgeous Valkyrie online today- but my brain just wasn’t conjuring one of them and we don’t have the luxury of more time! I chose phoenix from the list and sat down to doodle.


Inktober is a fantastic experience and is especially helpful if you’re in a drawing rut. Sometimes you need someone to give you an idea!