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Lotia is an immersive RPG adventure wrapped wtih a classic JRPG wrapper. Using a style that is both familiar and welcoming to veteran and new players alike, we have created a canvas that will share a story that is the product of decades of role-playing. Our goal was to build a world that any of our fellow gamers could not only fall in love with, but become part of. Just as we once did with Lotia’s predecessor, Underlight, we encourage fans of Lotia to expand upon our story with their own tales, histories, characters, and of course dreams! This is the first step into making that a reality.

When you dream at night… what do you dream of? Have you ever considered how your dreams can affect others around you? What if your dreams weren’t truly yours to call your own, but are the building blocks that others have created entire worlds with? What if you could actually control your dreams… lucidly? What if we told you that the nightmares that haunt your little sister at night may just be the monster that you’ll be grappling with tomorrow?

Welcome to Lotia, a once beautiful oceanic world of pirates, ships, beaches, and of course, dreamers. Lotia is but one of many dreamshards in Heavensbreak that the mind and soul can lucidly dream to. Should you be so lucky to awaken on its shores, you would be comforted with a land of immeasurable possibilities, that is until you crossed paths with the Dominion.

We invite you to set sail with Reef O’Meara, Captain of the Surprise, as he and his crew travel around the void oceans of Lotia to discover the truth of who they really are… and what is really going on in what was once considered a dreamer’s paradise. Learn about the incredible strength of the Dominion, meet infamous pirates such as Capain Kezz and Captain Qosh, run and hide from the deadly Dream Catchers… and maybe even discover the secret knowledge of the Dream Walkers.


DEEP AND RICH STORY: More than any other part of Lotia, we are truly proud of the story. To us, it is the most important part in sharing a world that is built upon our very dreams. Experience the dream by having conversations with other Lotians, find tomes that are hidden inside chests and secret passages, collect bestiary cards that have been created by the incredible Dream Institute for the Study of Phantasms, take arms against “true crew” pirates, and see if you can survive the iron grasp of the Dominion. Should you make it through all of that… you may just be ready to call yourself a dreamer.

10+ Hours of Gameplay
iOS Companion Lore App
Original Soundtrack with over 18 Tracks
Sharp and Vibrant Characters and Monsters
Built on the RPG Maker MV Platform

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